A practice’s optical is a complex part of the overall business. With reimbursements remaining stagnant and the continued rise in online competition, the optical remains a shining light for practice growth. With over 60% of revenue generated in the optical, it remains one of the few parts of the revenue stream where your practice can still produce significant revenue growth and expense savings. PECAA is fully committed to helping our Members improve their optical management and performance through best-practice strategies. That is why we have invested a substantial amount of time, energy and funding into building a new, broad-reaching program for our Membership. Welcome to PECAA’s Optical Success Initiative!


Step 1) The Introduction of PECAA’s Exclusive Eyewear

InD Eyewear is the exclusive frame brand for PECAA. It was created exclusively for PECAA Members and will only be sold by PECAA Members.

InD Eyewear is a top-quality frame line designed to provide practice’s with increased gross margins, profitability and EBITDA because of PECAA’s new direct-from-factory relationship. Member benefits include:

  • Increased Profit: The cost-of-goods are 70-80% below branded frames because of our new direct-from-factory relationship.

  • Exclusivity & Differentiation: InD Eyewear by PECAA will not be sold online and therefore cannot be shopped online. Only PECAA Members can sell InD Eyewear.

  • Quality Frames: Only the best for your patient’s and only the best for our Members.

  • Control: This is YOUR brand. You have complete control over the product.

Member’s now can sell a truly independent frame collection. A frame collection that benefits your patient and your business.

To learn more about InD Eyewear by PECAA, set up a discovery meeting with Doug Martin.

Step 2) Optical Management Education

PECAA has developed an optical management webinar series for your team to learn best-practice strategies at your own pace. These recorded “Lunch & Learns” will be the foundation to help your team acquire the knowledge and skills needed to improve the performance of your optical. Training topics include:

  • Preparing an optical budget
  • Planning your optical design
  • Developing your frame assortment
  • Optical merchandising
  • Frame board management
  • Doctor and staff communication
  • Benchmarking
  • Incentive programs and their benefits
  • Planning optical sales promotion strategies

Step 3) InD Eyewear Best Practices – Secrets to Success

Every practice is different.

PECAA will facilitate and coordinate a flow of information and best practices between all PECAA Member practices involved in selling InD Eyewear frames. This community can learn from each other, so everyone can be successful. Having your own brand is new. There are business strategies and tactics that need to be shared and implemented. These are the secrets to success.


Lance Anderson

PECAA’s mission is all about helping our members connect, build and prosper. As independent providers, we face many industry challenges, some old and some new. Our industry is changing and we must change with it in order to retain our optical frame capture rate and current optical profitability. In a nutshell, this program is all about innovation, disruption, and survival.

More than a year ago, I had a vision and began to formulate a new PECAA offering. My vision has now become a reality. PECAA’s new program is called the Optical Success Initiative. I am confident that the optical can still drive significant sales increases and expense reductions. By simply changing our thinking a bit, we can increase our control of the optical sales process. And by changing, we can certainly increase our profitability.

Lance Anderson, OD, PECAA Co-Founder & Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, PECAA

Jamie Hughes

I am delighted to be launching PECAA’s Optical Success Initiative. There are countless inefficiencies in today’s frame supply chain, which means PECAA Members are not as profitable as they should be. The Optical Success Initiative takes direct aim at those inefficiencies and brings Members high quality product at direct-from-factory prices coupled with comprehensive training to help you execute and succeed. We’ve worked hard to find great supply chain partners and it’s a pleasure to have Doug Martin leading the way to ensure Members are fully supported and trained as they embark on this path to improved optical profitability.

I encourage you to embrace the Optical Success Initiative not just for the financial and practice benefits you will enjoy… the more IECP’s that embrace new and efficient pathways like PECAA’s OSI, the more we take control of the future for Independent Optometrists.

Jamie Hughes, Senior Vice President & General Manager, PECAA


Eager to Learn More?

To learn more about PECAA’s exclusive frame line, InD Eyewear by PECAA, or the Optical Success Initiative, please CLICK HERE to set up a meeting with Doug Martin or use the contact information below:

Doug Martin
InD Eyewear
(317) 525-8308

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