PECAA Members Receive:

  • Month-to-month EDGEPro subscription for $69/month
  • First 90 days free
  • One-time $195 installation



  • Month-to-month EDGEPro subscription for $69/month
  • First 90 days free
  • One-time $195 installation
  • On-demand customer service and chat support during business hours
  • Free get-started training and ongoing as needed or desired
  • Free practice assessment at 6 months and 12 months
  • Access to the eyeTHRIVE community

PECAA is covering a free installation for the first 100 accounts signing up for EDGEPro through the PECAA program!




Save Time and Make More Money With EDGEPro.

  • Fast: View results in seconds, not hours
  • Easy: Save time and the hassle of spreadsheets
  • Convenient: View your results from any device at any time
  • Track critical KPIs instantly
  • Access frame and lens brand performance
  • Track all service codes by provider or plan
  • Compare vision plan performance
  • Accurately measure doctor and staff production
  • Monitor contact lens sales by modality or brand


New Accounts:

To get started with the PECAA program, fill out this form here.

Existing Accounts:

If you’d like to switch over to the PECAA program, please let us know by contacting:

Amy Hall
Sales & Implementation Manager
Phone: 833-334-3776 x 609


About GPN

GPN Technologies was founded in 2007 with the mission of providing “big business” infrastructure to independent practitioners in the ophthalmic industry. The company’s driving initiative has been empowering independents to be profitable and competitive in today’s market by making high-tech, business-critical tools accessible and meaningful in small business settings. Our analytics platforms have revolutionized the way practitioners view, understand, and act on their business data. We have continued to expand and hone those platforms in order to help those practitioners succeed and thrive in an increasingly competitive, fast-paced marketplace. Thousands of practitioners across the country are serving their patients, their team members, and their bottom lines more efficiently with EDGEPro.

About EDGEPro

The eye care industry’s leading analysis software provides easy-to-use dashboards and reports on your practice performance, so you can make smart, profitable decisions.

Partnership With PECAA

EDGEPro is the best analytics program available for eye care professionals. As a company that has always sought to enable profitability for ECPs, GPN is a natural complement to PECAA’s emphasis on nurturing success for independent practitioners.

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