IncentivEYES® Program

  • Up to a 6.25% Rebate through IncentivEYES
  • PECAA Member National Price List
  • PECAA Member Hoya Honors Program

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IncentivEYES Rebate Program

Quarterly Volume Rebate
$0 – $2,999 0%
$3,000 – $7,500 2.75%
$7,501 – $12,000 4.00%
$12,001 – $18,000 4.75%
$18,001 – $25,000 5.75%
>$25,000 6.25%

PECAA Members paid on a quarterly rebate based on sales volume. Eligible sales paid through the PECAA IncentivEYES Program.

Pricing & Rebates

RX Pricing will be based on PECAA’s National Price List in effect during this agreement. You can contact your Hoya Sales rep to see PECAA’s price list. Hoya reserves the right to change prices based on market conditions. Rebates will be paid through PECAA’s IncentivEYES.

Terms & Conditions

  • Discounts do not apply to NET priced or stock items
  • In order to qualify for the monthly rebate, payment in full must be made by the 15th of the month following the statement date. Qualifying purchases include; all eyeglass Rx invoices, both finished and uncut, net Rx packages, stock lenses, stock frames on Rx, non-prescription sunglasses.

HOYA IncentivEYES Program details

2nd Pair Discount

Qualifying 2nd pairs ordered within 30 days will receive 50% off the PECAA net price list!

Use code 2RX in DVI/EyeConnecT with the wording “Second Pair” in service descriptions.

Program Guidelines

  • 1st pair (primary) must be a Hoya Free Form with qualifying add-on (Insurance or Private Pay)
  • 2nd pair must be a Hoya free form lens with 1 qualifying add-on
  • 2nd pairs must be ordered within 30 days of original invoice, same patient name, does not need to be same Rx
  • Choice and Eye Med – Please indicate the insurance name and primary pair authorization number in Special Descriptions in DVI/EyeConnecT
  • Value Packages, frame and lens packages, safety packages do not qualify for 2nd pair discount

Qualifying lenses: All Hoya free form lenses

Qualifying add-ons: • Sensity/Dark/Shine • Polarized – Coppertone or Standard • Diamond Tints • All Hoya AR treatments

Only these products are available for the 2nd Pair discount. Any other jobs or jobs not meeting these requirements will be billed at standard PECAA net pricing.

Please contact your Hoya Sales rep to see PECAA’s price list.

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HOYA Honors Program

Product Points
iD MyStyle 2 with EX3 or Recharge 26
iD LifeStyle 3 with EX3 or Recharge 23
Array 2 with EX3 or Recharge 18
iD Space, Screen, Zoom with EX3 or Recharge 7
Sync III with EX3 or Recharge 7
iD Single Vision with EX3 or Recharge 7
Single Vision with EX3 or Recharge 7
Sensity (add to any) 5
Recharge (other than listed) 2
EX3 (other than listed) 2
1 Point = $1

To check your balance go to

Points may be redeemed at any time. Points earned between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 must be redeemed by March 1, 2021. For instructions on how to cash out go to the website or contact your Hoya rep.

$2,500 monthly minimum purchase is required. Points are awarded after the monthly minimum is met.

Forgot your password or need assistance with the site? Call the HOYA Honors Program line toll free at 800.306.1582 or contact Debbie Grimes at

*HHP calculates points based on invoiced lab sales.

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HOYA Raises the Bar


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PECAA Partnership

Premier Vendor in HOYA’s vernacular equates to “Partnership” or “Strategic Alliance.” A Premier Vendor means so much more than providing great products and preferential lab services….it means exceeding your every expectation because simply put, that’s what partners do.

Our partnership philosophy is based upon four levels of strategic imperatives:

  • Create sustainable competitive advantages for our partners
  • Provide a differentiation platform that blocks their competition
  • Invest heavily in R & D for continuous technological innovations
  • Lastly, provide the means to attract new patients and grow existing customer base while increasing revenue per patient …experience something special!

How do we do this……by catering to the independent market through Hi-Tech products, sophisticated coatings, and premium materials… investing in you and your success, with the expectation that you reinvest in your practice and staff.

About HOYA Vision Care

HOYA Vision Care of the Americas makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries. HOYA supplies a complete range of high-quality lens designs, coatings, and materials.

HOYA is tirelessly pushing ahead with the development of new lens technologies, always offering products with superior functionality and higher quality that further meet customer needs.

HOYA’s complete offering of lens products includes the high index materials EYAS™ 1.60, EYNOA™ 1.67 or EYRY™ 1.70. HOYA’s Phoenix™ lens material offers the broadest range of consumer benefits – it’s safe, tough, light and clear.

HOYA offers superior AR lens performance through SUPER HiVision – the most scratch resistant anti-reflective coating on the market today. SUPER HiVision also automatically includes HOYA’s ViewProtect, providing “easy to clean” lenses.

In the area of lens designs, HOYA offers unbeatable products such as HOYALUX iD – the worlds first integrated double-surface progressive lens design.

No matter what the needs of your patient are, HOYA has an unbeatable solution.

Account Setup

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