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PECAA Partnership

Optos is a long-term partner to PECAA. PECAA practices have incorporated over 1,000 Optos devices, the only ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging technology in their offices. This technology produces optomap®, a single-capture retinal image that goes beyond the vortex vessels in all four quadrants.

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We believe this partnership is the right fit because we recognize the high quality of PECAA member practices, and the patient care they deliver. Optos is a valuable partner to help build on your success, Optos continues to be a proud sponsor of PECAA and the PECAA Annual Meeting.

COVID-19 Response

Already an Optos Customer? The e-Learning center and CustomerCentral continue to be updated with new information, so please check the sites for additional details and announcements. The Optos team remains available for you. We are here to support you now and when you get back to a daily routine.

Thank you for your continued partnership, collaboration, and trust. We care about your health and safety and remain committed to supporting your continued success in your practice.




Optos introduced ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging to enable eyecare professionals to discover, diagnose, document, and treat ocular pathology that may first present in the periphery – pathology which may go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment. Our UWF, high-resolution retinal imaging devices each image more than 80% or 200˚ of the retina in a single capture. Our complete list of ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices can be found here.

A recent expansion in the Optos product line is an integrated UWF and OCT device called Monaco. This device, along with Daytona and California, assist providers in delivering the best patient experience possible. Our mission to produce the biggest retinal image in high resolution is supported by more than 1000 clinical publications as well as our commitment to continue incorporating and developing clinically validated enhancements for all new and existing products.

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In less than half a second, optomap, the ONLY 200-degree single-capture retinal image, can:

  • Improve practice flow. Routine use of optomap can improve and increase patient throughput and potentially create an additional revenue stream.
  • Help prevent vision loss. optomap technology can image past the vortex vessels, to help you to find disease sooner and manage it more effectively.
  • Uncover critical Information. More than 1,000 peer-reviewed studies prove the value of optomap imaging in diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient engagement.

Sample optomap Images

Below is a small sample of the optomap images available. Please visit our image library for our complete image library which includes over 400 images representing approximately 60 different ocular pathologies.

Color and optomap af images representing a choroidal nevus (Courtesy of Professor Paulo Stanga)

Pathologies which have been identified in optomap images

Color and optomap af images representing a Dry AMD


Ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology lets you see more of the retina…easier. optomap images provide an unprecedented 200 degree view that enables practitioners to more effectively detect, monitor and promote patient health. The tools provided here will assist you in identifying pathology on optomap images

Recognizing Pathology is designed as a searchable reference resource to support clinical decision making. The information contained here should be used as a general guideline only when viewing optomap images.

Optos has developed a website just for you – the Optos e-Learning Center (ELC). The ELC consolidates educational tools about ultra-widefield retinal imaging that you may access while we manage our way during this unprecedented time. The ELC is available for you and your staff. You will easily have access to continuing education programs and material through our virtual symposia, as well as interactive technology sessions and clinical insights from peers. To enhance your knowledge, we are providing access to articles, case studies, presentations and more. The website will be updated with new information, so please continue to check the site for additional details and announcements. With national and regional events being postponed or canceled, we want you to know the Optos team remains available for you. Please reach out to your local customer support line or complete the contact us form. We are here to support you now and when you get back to a daily routine. Thank you for your continued partnership, collaboration, and trust. We care about your health and safety and remain committed to supporting your continued success in your practice.


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About Optos

Optos has the vision to be The Retina Company and recognized as a leading provider of devices to eyecare professionals who are looking to improve their patient care. An optomap, the only proven ultra-widefield retinal image, captures 82% or 200° of the retina, in a single capture. optomap images provide a bigger picture and more clinical information which facilitates the early detection, management and effective treatment of disorders and diseases evidenced in the retina such as retinal detachments and tears, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. Retinal imaging can also show evidence of non-ocular or systemic diseases such as hypertension and certain cancers.

Through our continued improvement and development of our hardware and software platforms – our devices have a much smaller footprint, which offers more imaging modalities in one device than any other on the market. Our 3-in-1 color depth imaging captures three different views of the various channels of the retina, in a single image. These three image types consist of composite color; an ultra-widefield, high contrast optomap, sensory view; the green channel scan which captures the sensory retina to the pigment epithelial and choroid view; a scan from the RPE to the choroid.

Optos is committed to utilizing the latest technology to manufacture new products and software that support optomap as a standard of care, therefore helping eyecare professionals around the world save sight and lives. More than 13,000 devices are installed worldwide and more than 60 million patients have received an optomap. Furthermore, the company continues to strengthen its clinical evidence and expand its disease indications to demonstrate the importance of imaging the entire retina.

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