PECAA Member Benefits

10% off all product

10% Discount and Free Shipping through Shwood’s Optical B2B Site


Member Discounts

View Shwood’s Pricelist and Current Line Sheet containing images and details of all of their current products.

  • 10% off all frames including men’s and women’s ophthalmics and men’s and women’s suns.


  • 10% Discount and Free Shipping if you order through Shwood’s Optical B2B Site* CLICK HERE to set up an account, CLICK HERE to reorder

*Includes all payment methods. Please make sure to put “PECAA” in as a Promo Code. Your discount will be visible on your invoice. Your discount will not show up at checkout, although it will be applied during the billing process.

Cold Start Practice Program

  • 30 pc order from suggested assortment
  • Net 90 delayed billing
  • Point of purchase/merchandising kit
  • Video call brand training with staff, combined with or done separate to…
  • Video call tour of the Shwood Eyewear facility in Portland, OR
  • Monthly check ins to support and answer any questions for the first 6 months


New Shwood Accounts:

Please fill out the Authorized Dealer Application and Credit Application. The credit application and authorized dealer application will automatically be sent to Shwood’s accounting team.

Questions? Please email Nicole Hudson at

Existing Shwood Accounts:

To align your Shwood account with the PECAA program, fill out this form here.


About Shwood Eyewear

It all began as a simple experiment with nature.
Founded in 2009, Shwood was born from the limb of a Madrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store. The goal was simple. Create a product that encompasses the individuality and uniqueness that can only be found in natural surroundings.

Pioneering the Process
Equipped with nothing more than rudimentary hand tools and a desire to be different, the manufacturing process was completely engineered from the ground up. Constant experimentation with tools, materials, and design and has resulted in an array of one-of-kind techniques that continues to evolve daily.

Constant Curiosity
Experimentation with new materials is at the heart of what we do. From our original wood frames to stabilized seashells and oxidized metals, Shwood has pioneered over 15 new materials in the eyewear industry.

Committed to Quality
Every piece of eyewear passing through our workshop has been manipulated by over twenty sets of hands, leading their truly unique nature. In an industry consisting of a sea of sameness, the hope is that every Shwood product gives its wearer a sense of individuality that matches their own.


Shwood Stone Frames

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